Between 400,000 and one million white South Africans are living in squatter camps today

Attacks on farm families and the vulnerable are intensifying

Government officials incite the majority population to commit violence on this 7.5% minority group

What We Do?

Free housing-while they prepare for their new lives

A Helping Hand

We help you weather this change with a place to land.


Help with acquiring services that your family may need.

Brighter Future

A better and brighter future for you and your loved ones.

A Safe Environment

With decent schools for the children.

Our Goals

We Are Here To Help!

The focus of Afrikaner Friends of Hope Inc is to acquire property to be used as temporary rent-free housing for the South Africans who are able to come to the US but who need a soft landing in a country atmosphere. They need a safe, peaceful place with decent schools for the children while they wait to start normal working life here. The house in Connecticut has hosted 3 families and a single in the last 16 months and will continue to be useful for the nonprofit (Connecticut has a good infrastructure of services and opportunities, it is rural, but very expensive and regulated) -the goal is near Charlottesville, Virginia. We must acquire property through donations and perhaps creative financing if needed, a property in Virginia with a large house

which can be made into 2 or 3 private living spaces. It must have a few acres for garden and livestock.

Moral support, information about US customs, laws and help with the immigration process are also vital to the success of South African families coming here.

Longer term goals include a related business to support the nonprofit’s goals and expanding into an enclave of support and fellowship.

Let's Make A Difference NOW

All donations will go directly to help house South Africans desperately seeking a safe harbor in the US




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Let's band together to change lives and even save lives...

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