Between 400,000 and one million white South Africans are living in squatter camps today

Attacks on farm families and the vulnerable are intensifying

Government officials incite the majority population to commit violence on this 7.5% minority group

Why Americans should help

It is getting harder every day to be a white person in South Africa

Here are stories from people who would like to leave South Africa

A single young white South African woman

It's not fun at all. Our freedom has been taken away from us, and that's a very valuable thing we have. Can't walk in parks, do window shopping, hiking or anything without making sure you either have someone with you, or you are protected. You can't even lie on the beach without worrying. I have to lock my car twice and then walk around the car to check each door and make sure it's locked. We can't leave anything lying in the car. The guys begging on the side of the road, some of them get violent and threaten and swear at you if you don't give them money..

A young married man who has chosen, with his wife, to not have children because they would have no future in South Africa

Attack 1:June 2006 - Walking home from school with a friend (17 years old) - - 3 black males make a sudden stop next to us in a white Opel Rekord Sedan, 2 jump out and push me and my friend into a large bush - - We get assaulted (kicked) and robbed of our phones and wallets - - Case reported to local police station, with detailed prescription of vehicle and license plates Attack 2: October 2007 - In the process of moving into new house - - First night in house, sliding glass door attempted to be forced open - - Case reported to local police station - - Installed big steel security gates and burglar bars in front of every window and door to a GREAT expense to us - - Installed security/alarm system immediately Attack 3:February 2016 - Sleeping at home, dogs sleeping inside with us due to animal poising in the neighbourhood - - Very warm in the house, so fans are on. Alarm system was non-functional due to faulty battery (+- 4 days) - - Window in the study/office gets forced open very quietly, door closed and locked from the inside - - 2 computers, 2 external hard drives, a computer screen and clothes stolen - - Case reported to local police station, finger prints taken etc - - Fixed window, fixed alarm system and installed motion sensors in the yard Attack 4:July 2019 - Wife on her way home from work (teacher) after parents night at the school, around 9:15PM - - She calls me around 9:15PM, says a black VW Polo is following her, taking the same turns as her from school already - - I immediately activate the tracking device on her car relay the street she is to the local security company - - I jump in my own vehicle to go and assist, ram the Polo off the road if I need to, security reaches her before I could, vehicle raced away, was never caught by the security company - - Neighbourhood wide alert sent to all security companies, perpetrators never caught Attack 5:February 2020 - Site visit to a complex (large housing community) in Boksburg, Johannesburg for a quotation on work to be carried out - - Site assessment is complete, in the process of loading up vehicle to leave - - Courier vehicle is being chased by 2 vehicles wanting to highjack the courier vehicle (VERY common crime) - - Courier vehicle rushes into the complex, driver jumps out and tells us to run! We couldn’t hear him clearly so was confused to what he meant - - 1st vehicle stops at the entrance gate and the occupants assault the security guard - - 2nd vehicle, new Land Rover Range Rover stops about 2 meters from us (next to the courier vehicle) - - 4 black males jump out, guns drawn, two of them rush towards us and yell at us to get down (we are completely unarmed) - - We are robbed of our DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, 3 iPhones, a Samsung, car keys and wallets, all while they other 2 males are unpacking the courier vehicles contents into the Range Rover - - Police and local security company is called, no action taken by the time we left Attack 6:November/December 2020 - Neighbour to the rear of my property got highjacked and kidnapped - - Kidnappers forced him to withdraw as much money as he could from his bank account - - Amount was not enough, they drove back to his house to get his credit card, he managed to escape and jumper into my yard - - Security companies notified and vehicle (caught on neighbourhood street security cameras), vehicle managed to slip away - - Neighbour so traumatized, he sold his house for a loss, car for a loss and got on the first airplane out of South Africa, fearing the kidnapped will return - - Seeked asylum in the first European country he landed Steps taken so far to try and protect myself and my family: - Spent a fortune on a home security system with motion detection, window break sensors, night vision cameras (9) and reinforced gates - Applied for gun license in April 2020, but due to the complete collapse of the firearms control centres, have not heard a single thing back yet - Bought 2 x Tipman TPX (paintball guns) with self defence and pepper balls in them at a great fortune to myself - Sold both my Volkswagen vehicles and Toyota vehicles (due to highjack risk) - Joined 2 security companies in our neighbourhood - Joined the neighbourhood watch program which takes up hours of your time each night for private patrols - Signed up to and completed advanced/defensive driving course All of the above is not including the amount of times my cars were broken into and attempted to be stolen. - All of 7 times in 4 years

A Middle-aged white South African family man

We lived on a farm in Natal Mom and Dad in there seventies when we were attacked .It started with cattle theft up to 14 cattle a night some times the life stock was maimed ..legs broken skinned alive....It is a small holding 500 hectare so the cattle was kept at the house at night to kept a eye on them .Dad took the cattle out that morning to the camp to graze when they overpowered him .Mom was at the same time overpowered just outside the house.We all were then tide up with binding wire and the black men kept on asking were do we hide the money ...we only had a little bit of cash .The farm ldv was old so as it was a cold winters day they could not start it ..They then wanted to shoot us ...but could not load the that time my brother returned from town and he notice that something was wrong.The black men then ran out of the house .My brother took a shot at them but they escaped into the corn field.Police was called at that stage police did not had fuel so we had to report it in town. Shelley after this we were robbed numerous times a stage when I was living in Cato Ridge we had 3 house robberies in a month me and my son was sleeping with dogs in the house apparently they burn a CD that put you to sleep well we had nothing left. I think he worse is the 112 laws that keep us whites from the work force how do you feed your self protect your self ..need a income im sure every one do but if the law of the country keep you from work there is something seriously wrong. Shelley there is more like high jacked and car taken .Best is report it to the police they don't bother to come out they just ask if you want a case number for insurance...welcome in SA.

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