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People often ask me “How did you become involved in helping white South Africans?”
I answered- One day a few years ago, I was having a conversation about politics on a Facebook group, and a man told me of terrible things transpiring in South Africa to the Dutch people. I had never heard of this and thought I was well informed about world events. He suggested that I google “South African Farm Murders”. I did look into this and was shocked and also ashamed to not know this was happening. I saw the families living in filthy squatter camps, with children that resembled my three children when they were young. I then thought that if I could help some of these people by having a place for them to come to, then that would be enough. I have learned much since accepting my first “pioneer”. So much is in their hands and this change is far from easy. South Africans are brave, hard-working people and they are coming to the US because they want to save their children from harm.
I am unashamed about helping these people because I am tied to them by our European blood, our history, and our Christianity. Shelly Hepburn

We are a Non-Profit LLC

We aim to be fully Transparent

Full transparency inspires trust in an organization-that is our goal. Updates on funds raised,
Items donated and families and individuals assisted will be posted on the blog. We expect basic operating expenses to kept to a minimum of about $400 per year since our board of directors will draw no salary.
-Thank you for considering donating to our cause, a cause we consider worthy and rewarding for those helped and for the benefit of the USA.

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